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Have you been following your new year’s resolution diet and given up on it already? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Today is the 15th of January and this is traditionally Blue Monday: the day by which people have usually given up on their new year’s resolutions and are feeling low about it.

Never fear, I am here!

I knew you were going to need help with weight loss so I saved my main weight loss post until today, just so I could be here to help at the right moment! I’m good, me :). Last week, in anticipation, I reviewed the whole of the Belly Fat Plan to bring it right up to date and stuffed it even more full of tips and resources than before so that it would be ready for you!

The Food Sensitivity-Inflammation Angle

The Belly Fat Plan is based on what worked in-clinic for stubborn weight loss patients, as well as those who had constant water retention and/or bloating. People vastly under-estimate the effect food sensitivity can have on weight and the ability to shift it. I call it the ‘stuffed cushion’ look: you know, where you see someone or yourself has quite fine bone structure but they have a layer of cushioning on top of it. That was me. It’s not fat in very many cases, I’ve found: it is inflammation caused by food sensitivity (amongst other things, of course, but very often food sensitivity). I remember one day seeing my wrists and thinking suddenly how tiny they looked. This was not a gradual thing at all; one day they were cushiony and the next – presumably when the inflammation went down with the efforts I had been doing – they were all bony again! I was back to the real me 🙂

The Insulin ‘Fat Hormone’ Angle

On top of that, most people, especially those who hold fat around their bellies, are not balancing their insulin or blood sugar very well. Insulin is known as the ‘fat hormone’ because it encourages fat gain around the middle. So, if you’ve got too much insulin circulating in your bloodstream, you are more likely to gain weight – as well as put yourself at risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Knowing all this – and having seen tons of patients just not lose weight and keep it off on the ‘normal’ diets – I invented a plan that addresses both the inflammation from food sensitivity issues and the insulin-control ones.

Belly Fat 3DEffectively, you need to follow a higher protein, lower carb, so-called Low GL diet.  And you need to remove the most common allergens, at least temporarily.

This is the essence of the Belly Fat Plan. You can download it here in full for a mere fiver. (If you’ve bought this recently within the last couple of months and want a copy of the updated version, just ask! Send me your email receipt if you can so it saves me the time looking it up, ta. )


Hope it helps!




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