Energy Smoothies

peach smoothieI have been having one or two smoothies a day for a few weeks now. I find them easier to digest and very filling.

My base tends to some nuts (I vary them around but usually almonds, brazils, hazelnuts and walnuts), a banana, some other fruit such as blueberries, peach or kiwi fruit, a dash of honey or a date and then anything I am trying to get in more – fresh turmeric currently. Turmeric is a tad spicy and I put about half an inch in so I add a little pure vanilla powder to help mask the taste.

I’m also having coconut water in it daily too, or on its own. Ice-cold it has been delicious on these hot days. Next, I’m angling to get some collagen powder in to help my gut heal after ibuprofen necessity lately with my nemesis jaw.

Often, I will make enough smoothie for two snacks and add an avocado in for extra essential fatty acids in the afternoon.

Anyway, it works for me. It gives me a quick hit of energy and fills me up as I am seemingly ever-hungry and ever-busy! I even make a Crumble Smoothie quite often (from the TGF Breakfasts book) as it seems to fill me up more if I liquidise it.

There was a great smoothie post in my Inbox today which is what made me think of it. Lots of ideas to follow and adapt for what you can eat. I particularly liked the Ayurvedic angle.

3 Smoothie Recipes to Spark Energy

Enjoy! What recipes do you use? Any tips for a greener smoothie?

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