New Genetic Comprehensive Test Listed

I’ve finally found a genetic overview test which I think offers real, practical, useable information that you can translate into real-world changes likely to make a difference, so I have listed it on the shop for you today in a new Genetic Tests section.

Here’s the blurb for you:

Genetic Tests

I have been searching for ages for a really good gene test which actually gives valuable, practical information for people. Many of the gene tests available give you shed-loads of SNiPs and leave you wondering what the heck they all mean.

I don’t go heavy on genetic testing because I am of the firm belief that just because we have the genes or SniPs does not mean that we will develop the problem in the vast majority of cases. That said, sometimes knowing you have a possible weakness in an area can explain why you can’t get better using normal interventions – and means you can take steps to prevent future illness.

We know that genes are not set in stone and that environmental and diet changes in the very least can influence how those genes are expressed, or switched on or off. So, it can be a very good idea to see if something is affecting your weight control, sleep patterns, adrenal efficiency, methylation, detox or nutrient pathways, for example.

So, I have listed the myDNA Comprehensive panel because I think it gives a really good overview and a fantastic report which makes sense of the results in the most key areas for you. You can then talk to one of us or your practitioner if you need more help. You can see a general leaflet about the myDNA Comprehensive here which will show you what is covered, and see a sample report here – all 47 pages of it!

Once you order, you will be sent a questionnaire from the lab who will also take payment from you, then analyse your results in context with your answers. They will then send me a report which I will forward on with any thoughts or comments I have for you, plus ideas on what to do next if appropriate.

I’ve also linked to some of the other gene tests in the various sections for you, including:

The Thyroid T3 D102 test which helps identify if you have a problem using T3 in the brain – for example, those people who don’t do well on thyroxine only.

The gluten gene test for non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease – do you have the right pattern for either problem? Mainstream only checks DQ2 and maybe DQ8 if you’re lucky, but many people have DQ1 or DQ3 which can cause skin, neurological and gut problems with gluten too. I introduced this test to the UK and it comes in very useful if you have stopped eating gluten but still want to see if there’s a possible NCGS problem.

The DD Methylation pathways gene test will give you the gene pattern for methylation issues – although the myDNA panel will give you indicators on this too.

Same for the LR DetoxGen – it will give you detox pathways information, but you do get some analysis of this in the myDNA one too.

Hope that helps. You can see the Genetic Tests section here.


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