Develop Your Intuition – Be Guided By It

Great piece for you here today from the lovely peeps at I particularly like the idea of playing the intuition game and the use of colours (as I am into colour stuff currently; I’m very much liking the sound of indigo and amethyst!) and who knew about flouride and the pineal gland? New one on me.

Essentially, this is all about learning how to listen to your inner voice better and trust it. I found this absolutely essential in my own healing process and agree it comes better with practice, as with most things. The more you do it, the better you get at it. And you do lose it – since I have stopped doing it so much, I am not trusting my instinct anywhere near as much and don’t feel quite a sure of myself. I need to do more of these ideas, clearly!

Have a read:

5 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

And here was the tip that came with the article:

Did You Know?

In a 2016 study, published in Psychological Science, a research team found that intuition plays a large role in both informing and improving decision-making. The researchers were some of the first to gather quantifiable evidence showing that intuition can outweigh analytical thought when it comes to making better, faster, and more confident decisions. They highlighted the importance of using this unconscious information as a guide in life.

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