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Migraine is classified as the 6th most disabling illness by WHO. I get that as a migraine sufferer myself! I’ve written about it several times on the blogs but two interesting bits on migraine this morning in my inbox I thought might be useful for you.

First an overview and a couple of videos from Dr Osborne. Migraine is a neurological disorder and gluten is a very common culprit because gluten related illnesses are neurological, not gut based as we have always believed. Read more on the http://www.trulyglutenfree.co.uk site and put ‘migraine’ in the search box, for example.

Also, see my factsheet on Migraine for some links to posts here.

Dr Osborne gives us a really useful infographic of 16 top factors to consider in migraine:

gluten is a known migraine trigger

And you can read his full article and view some pretty comprehensive videos here:

16 Food and Chemical Migraine Triggers

Next, a new product for migraine called Dolovent is making the news. It’s sadly not TGF-safe because it contains corny Vitamin C etc but I share it so that you can maybe collate a similar product using TGF safe separate items, which is what I am doing. It contains some of the most researched elements involved in migraine including B2 (riboflavin), magnesium and CoQ10, which I have been taking separately as TGF safe versions.

You can read a lot more about it here.

I wish they had given proper information about the forms of the nutrients – for example, I think I read it uses magnesium oxide which is not really a very absorbable form.  I use magnesium citrate or sprays. However, I am wondering if they have used oxide as it is better in some cases for oxygenation, which we know is an issue in migraine – or is it just because it is the cheapest form!? I don’t know.

Anyway, I share it here for you so you can see an example of a nutrition-based migraine supplement. You may want to do as I do, as I say, and take them separately to suit your needs better. You might also want to combine it with one of the migraine herbal supplements that include butterbur or feverfew. Check the TGF master list for safe products always, of course, and the updated list of add-ons which is in the TGF Facebook group Files for you, thanks to the ever-sleuth-like and efficient Christine 🙂

Lastly, my other advice for this is to get some structural physical work done to soften your neck, spine, scalp and jaw. Any blocks to oxygen and blood flow to the head is going to cause a migraine or exacerbate it. Cranial osteopathy is a good bet, combined with massage.

Lastly (again!), anxiety is a big issue in this too. Are you screwing your face up or holding your jaw tight? If so, do some meditation daily – use one of Julie’s audio downloads, the Yoga Nidra CD, a session or two with Julie (the quickest option!) or other of the stuff I’ve recommended in the Mind-Body Medicine section for you.

Either way, I hope it helps. I wouldn’t wish migraine on my worst enemy as they say!

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