Those Dratted Candles!!

Image result for candles I loath those smelly chemical candles that seem to be ubiquitous in shops, public spaces and homes nowadays. I have always cautioned against them as real pollutants in the home and have moaned about them several times over the years. In fact, we used to sell a non-paraffin, vegetable-based, cotton-wicked, essential oil-only non-toxic range in the dispensary when we had the clinic in Uppermill.

I love a candle flickering of an evening as much as anyone, but most candles you get in the shops – even those really expensive ones – are just pretty-smelling pollutants. And not even that pretty-smelling either. Yuk.

Ah, feel better for that.

This is what made me think of it again:


And don’t even get me started on those plug-ins… 😉 Or the amount of perfume people wear – as evidenced from recent trips to the theatre! – SO strong. Or the bath-bombs that two of my favourite local shops have started stocking and which make me very reluctant to go in them now!

Anyway, if you are going to use any fragrancing thing other than pure essential oil-based ones, at least get some plants to absorb the particles:

Home, sweet home: how to combat the ‘indoor pollution’ of scented candles

And do read the free Non-Toxic House & Home Factsheet here too. I’ve included how to make your own candles in that even!

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