Simple TGF Bread

Someone was just asking about a simple grain free bread on the Facebook group. This is the one I make all the time so I thought I would share it here for you too. I don’t even use the cider vinegar – my bread would be fluffier with it I expect, but I haven’t got vinegar back yet. I expect I could use lemon juice now I think of it.

simple bread

I put a tiny bit of honey in, not the amount Elana gives except if I am making a kind of fruity bread when I add more honey, whole seeds and dried fruit. I then toast it for a bit like a teacake, is yum 🙂

For savoury bread, I will sometimes keep it plain so it is useful for egg on toast and such! Or, I may add rosemary or other herbs to it. I sometimes cut really thin slices and double bake to make a kind of cracker.

I’m sure if I gave more care to it, I could make it a lot better, but I’m always hungry and this is an easy ‘chuck it all in the Thermomix (Processor) and bake it’ kind of bread so it suits me. And it’s low GL, nutrient dense with good fats from the almonds, loads of Vitamin B and high protein so actually good for you. I generally have egg on toast or a fish/meat sarnie for lunch now with it. Bliss.

Hope you like it too. I’ve popped it on the ever-growing Pinterest boards too for you. Loads of recipes there now – 922 I see as of today and 361 followers there – are you one of them? I LOVE Pinterest; just so useful for things like that.

Happy munching x

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