The Thymus Thump

Image result for thymus gland diagramIf you’ve got an infection or are coming down with something, you can do something called the Thymus Thump (or Thymus Tap or even Thymus Pump) to stimulate your thymus gland to make more white blood cells. Clever, huh?

I had forgotten about it until today when I found myself in need of some thymus support. One of my lingering symptoms has been the mouth infections and sores which have never gone, despite antibiotic and all manner of my own attempts to crack them. I’ve had a rotten flare up of it in the last few weeks with mouth pain, ear pressure, swollen lymph nodes in my jaw, neck pain, collarbone pain etc – an infection, no doubt. But, no matter what I have done, it won’t go.

So, last week, Julie and I worked on removing any emotional trauma stuck in the area, which sounds a bit mad, I know, but there had to be something blocking healing somewhere, so we did some clearance in the area in a hypnotherapy session. I envisioned loads of gunge coming away. Ugh. the pain I had been in for days went an hour later. Go figure.

Unfortunately, it did come back 🙁

A week later, I am now feeling like I’ve got flu; my whole body aches in the lymph areas, my chest is congested and gunge is on the move in real life. Not very nice, but I have chosen to think that the body has at last got the ability to heal and fight in that area with the emotional trauma block removed.

So, I was thinking about what I could do to encourage it to fight and end this flamin’ mouth infection and inflammation once and for all.

I have sent healing love to my body, thanking it for trying so hard for me, drunk some thyme and rosemary tea, inhaled hyssop essential oil, massaged teatree oil onto the lymph nodes and gum sores. And then I remembered the thymus thump.

The thymus is the master immunity gland, if you like. It’s where we produce and control T cells for fighting infection. It does a lot more than that but I’m focusing on immune-strengthening here. Basically, as children, our thymus gland is full and healthy, but as we age, it often becomes smaller and weaker.

I have often tested people’s IgA levels to see what their thymus level is like and then given thymus glandulars to boost production, when appropriate. But, the thymus tap is another DIY way we can do this. The thymus sits behind our breastbone just above the heart and tapping it vigorously is believed to ‘wake it up’ and get it working more on your behalf. I’ve not read any science behind it – it is an old Ayurvedic tradition I believe, but I choose to do it anyway!

As usual, there are myriad videos on YouTube about it. Here are a couple I liked:

This chap gives a good explanation of the thymus gland and its importance:

And this lady gives a nice explanation of how to do the thymus tap (I prefer tap; it sounds more gentle!):


So, I am thinking positively, encouraging the fight like a good little naturopath and tapping away at my thymus! I hope it works and my body can get rid of the darn infection at long last. Six years is a long time to have an infection in your gob! Wish me luck!

(This is a mind-body medicine sort of blog post, which I will post on the new blog at as it fits in with the Healing Plan stuff, but I will always post them here too if I think it is generally useful.)

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