My Christmas Healing Gift To You..

To all my Purehealth family: thanks for being there and for being lovely this year.

My gift to you this season is some phrases to repeat as part of your brain retraining and healing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t quite believe the words, say them anyway at any time when you feel you need reassurance or comfort.

In the early days, I used them an awful lot whenever I saw someone doing something or tucking into something I could no longer do or have, if I felt a symptom or worry coming on – ALL the time, basically!

Look at something nice in the room you find yourself in – the cat, hubby, a pretty teapot or cushion, a tree outside, a colour – whatever – and repeat these words to yourself:

I am OK, I am OK. Everything is OK. This will pass, this is temporary and it will go. It is already going and I am going to be fine. I will get well. I am OK. Everything is OK.

Breathe, repeat, smile even when you don’t feel like it as your brain doesn’t know the difference between a real smile or a fake one. I even used to go into the loo and say it to myself in the mirror!

Say some more..

I am OK. This too will pass and I will be fine. I am OK, all is well, this is from a past illness which is already going. I am getting well. I am fine. Nothing to worry about here. I’m fine. This will pass. It’s temporary.

Obviously, use words like that to suit you, but you get the point. Nope: I didn’t believe it was a past illness at that stage either but, trust me, your subconscious is listening and, if it hears it enough, it will start to believe it and it then starts coming true. Mad? Possibly. Work. Yes, it does, and here’s how I know:

This Christmas, to celebrate, I will be having glasses of champagne (or Cava, cos I’m tight!), chocolate Booja Booja truffles, hot chocolate made with soya milk, potatoes, gravy and beef. Eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, plum nut & seed crumble and more besides.

Those are all new foods.

Even better, I will NOT be having a migraine or a mouth flare. I hope.

The best news to end the year with is that both have settled down a LOT despite all those new foods and (whisper it) I think the migraines are finally on the wane after 5 years of suffering them. Please God or whoever; I wouldn’t wish those on my worst enemy if I had one. SO debilitating.

I’ve a way to go yet, I know, but if you’d told me last Christmas that I’d be able to eat all that this year and not being having chronic fatigue, mouth flares and migraines etc as a result, I’d have laughed at you. But, I can and I will – even though when I started saying stuff like that to my subconscious yonks ago, I never believed it on a conscious level. Just goes to show you should do it anyway and trust me!

My first job in 2017 is to finally complete the Healing Plan so you can see exactly what I did. I’ve realised the reason it has taken me so long to write is because this healing lark evolves all the time and is FAR from linear. I have a way to go, it goes up and down, back and forth and I am just trusting my instincts to inch myself forward constantly. Trying to communicate how to do that is tough – but I’m almost there for you. Watch out for it in the new year and, in the meantime: Click to enjoy this year’s card

Happy Christmas – and here’s to us all making huge healing progress in 2017.

Get to it – you WILL get better. You’re OK. You’re OK. You’re OK 🙂



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