Depression & Gluten

I must hear this kind of story almost daily. When is mainstream medicine going to wake up to the fact that most gluten related disorders are neurological and not (just) gut? If Catherine were my patient, I would be suggesting she go Truly Gluten Free (grain and dairy free), wouldn’t you?

Either way: let’s say it again: most gluten disorders are neurological – and anxiety and depression are neurological problems, although many people do not think of them as neurological I find. Neurological to most people means MS or nerve/brain disorders like ataxia, but eg. anxiety, depression, brain fog (the biggest GRD clue) and cognitive function loss are huge in this field. All no doubt compounded by the malabsorption types caused by gluten (villi, lack of stomach acid, enzyme production, cellular transport, leaky gut etc etc).

Breaks my heart every time I hear it. Most days. Thanks to Catherine for being so brave and sharing what it feels like for her.

For other angles, read my factsheet on Anxiety and Depression. Interestingly, I am finding a lot of TGF people also have pyroluria – where you don’t metabolise zinc and B6 in the normal way – and I am starting to wonder if the lack of zinc impairs eg. gut and nerve healing, where zinc is needed in shed-loads, as it is for the production of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. It is also the key mental health mineral. Hmm. Possible.

Interestingly, our Julie has only today written an excellent blog post on anxiety, which I’ll share shortly too.

Anyway, I hope some of this helps if you are struggling with the black dog; we are with you x

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