What’s It Like To Feel Chronically Ill?

Here’s the latest Secrets to Recovery success story for you to listen to.

As you know if you’ve been following the healing series, one of the most important things I did was listen to and watch as many successful recovery stories as I could. I wanted to learn tips and believe that if others could recover, I certainly could!

This is quite an interesting interview as Natasha describes a lot of how she felt – and how others around her felt – during her chronic fatigue period from 2008 to now. And there are some useful tips in it about coping strategies.

I used OHC’s psychology department myself during my own healing at quite an early stage and I found it very useful, albeit it ended up being only part of the journey as I had to do quite a few other things after it too, not least the clinical hypnotherapy with ‘our Julie‘ as she has become known!

Anyway, I will be talking about how I got on in the forthcoming Healing Plan (47 pages written so far, I thank you!) and will give you my version of the Stops they mention in this so don’t worry, although I never did that with them interestingly  and I found it too harsh for me at the stage I dd them. I’ll reveal all; I’m writing as fast as I can for us, promise! It’s actually not an easy one to write – brings it all back and makes me emulsional..

Ok, get a cuppa something, watch and believe you can get well because you can!

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