The Childhood Obesity ‘Plan’

Note I’ve put ‘plan’ there in inverted commas because there isn’t much of a one, or at least not as much as there could have been to tackle this really important developing problem.

Many experts – and the food industry itself even – were quoted as describing the ‘plan’ as a missed opportunity. That said, any change has to be welcomed.

If you missed it, you can read the Government plan here in full:

Childhood obesity: a plan for action

And here are a few responses I thought were interesting for you. The first is a good summary in The Guardian:

Childhood obesity: UK’s ‘inexcusable’ strategy is wasted opportunity, say experts

Here’s Action on Sugar’s original paper given to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State last year, calling for action. They aren’t happy bunnies I shouldn’t think:

Childhood Obesity Action Plan

And even Jamie Oliver waded in on his FB page – an erudite comment I thought. He wasn’t a fan as you can tell from the first line: ‘I am in shock.’ Oh dear.

Could’ve and should’ve been much braver in my view. As Jamie rightly implies it will cost the NHS very dear in the future. Bad move.


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