Listen and Start Changing Your Mind

Brain iconAs you know, I am starting to write our new Healing Plan for chronic illness after I turned around my own hypersensitivity to foods etc using pretty unconventional routes for a nutritionist!

Anyway, one of the keys I found to getting better was using various techniques to change the way my mind was perceiving food, illness, things I became fearful of on a very subconscious, automatic level. The posh scientific term for this is neuroplasticity brain retraining, snappy huh?

I found as I am writing the plan that this crops up time and time again, and one of the best ways I found to do it is not some complex brain retraining programme, but consistently reading, listening to audios and watching videos about relevant subjects to kind of ‘immerse’ myself in healing stuff. It goes in, trust me.

Part of my programme was to read, listen or watch something every single day, even if I did it whilst cooking the tea or putting the washing on. It is REALLY important to constantly give your brain the right messages to help it change. This is not positive thinking; it is so much more than that; it is about weakening the established conditioned responses and neural patterns in our brains and gradually building new ones that will take over.

During  my ‘journey’ (I must find a different word for that, ugh..), I kept my eyes and ears open, literally, for stuff I could ‘do’ as part of this. The 21 day Chopra meditations were key to that and so were well-chosen books and videos, although the summits we seem to have tons of now weren’t even happening when I started 3 years ago. I wish they had been.

Soul of Healing Summit

I have no idea if this will be any good, but I have signed up to listen to the Soul of Healing Summit which starts today – sorry, I only just had chance to look at it properly. You can’t listen to everything, I know, but there seems to be enough in this to give you some really good neuroplasticity work to concentrate on whilst I write the plan for us. Combine it with the free 21 day mediation that also starts today, see here.

I hate the names they give these summits as it can put people off , and you don’t even have to agree with everything the speakers say – but your subconscious is listening to the right kind of words and messages, and that’s the really important bit.

It starts today for free and, as per you can purchase and listen in your own time if you want to. Why not have a go and try and do one per day for the next few days as part of starting to change your brain pathways?

You can find out more here: Soul of Healing Summit. And you can purchase here – it is $59/about £45 currently but that tends to go up as the days go on. This is an affiliate link for me if you do end up purchasing because it helps me offset the time and thousands I have spent on testing all these things for us, so thank you.

Anyway, take advantage of things like this as they come along – it is part of your healing strategy to read, listen and watch as much as you can for the next year or so. These summits can be a real bonus! Get started on building new neural pathways. Off you go…!

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