ACE Approach To Illness

Brain iconI am gradually pulling together the updated Purehealth approach to chronic illness now I am feeling so much better myself. I am working out what really helped over the past 2.5 years to get me from 20 foods to almost all of them now. (See here if you’ve missed that!).

Anyway, I saw this post today on which is pretty long but really gives a flavour of what I am trying to evolve as our virtual clinic approach nowadays – a combination of biochemical, physical, psychological, energetic, environmental and spiritual medicine. (Spiritual does not mean religious, by the way, it means meditative, connection etc; I’ve yet to find the right word for this as I know this word is putting people off, it did me :))

I am essentially trying to develop a UK service similar to the functional medicine nurse’s approach talked about here. Have a read; it’s fascinating and very similar to the blueprint I followed and am writing as the Healing Plan for you. First section is complete, Julie is creating and recording a new Stage 1 hypno session for us with phrases and ideas I know really helped me right at the beginning, and I hope to start writing the second stage tomorrow – a whole day writing in the office, yay!

The single best medical appointment of my life was when a nurse practitioner asked about my adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

I’ve got an up to date ACEs questionnaire to share with you soon when I get a chance.

Update: Just as I had published this, I then saw this little snippet on Yasmina Low Histamine Chef’s site, which also makes my point. She has followed a similar route to mine.

Note, she has kindly sent me her brain workshop to review for us all. I will report back as asap – if it is very similar to mine, it will save me a job writing that part of the plan!

What helped me heal (in order of importance – in my view):

  1. Retraining my brain for healing – check out my recent workshop for more on this.

  2. Eating a diet made up almost entirely of foods containing antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory exercise like yoga, practiced several times a week (read more about histamine and exercise in this post).

  4. Carefully selected (few) supplements.

  5. Doing my utmost to be at peace with whatever I can manage, even if it’s as simple as being able to get out of bed that day. It’s amazing when I stopped attaching importance to accomplishments that I was suddenly able to do more than I had in years.

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