New ‘Virtual’ Therapy Team

alt medicine iconIn my recent quest for health, I found it incredibly difficult to know who to see for what, who was any good and what I needed them to do to help me! I swore if I ever get better – thank you Universe, Lordy or whoever! – I would try to make this process easier for others in the same boat. Let’s face it: the last thing we need when we’re poorly is more worry, research time and risk.

The fact is that there are a ton of different therapies and therapists out there, but who do you choose to help you?

If you can get someone through recommendation, life is a whole lot nicer for both therapist and client. It takes some of the worry out and you’re already starting in a positive place with a modicum of trust, which, according to the statistics, leads ultimately to faster resolution of the health issue. OK, it might not work out for whatever reason, nothing’s 100% guaranteed and we’re all different, but it’s a lot better than sticking a finger in a directory or Googling for hours on end and guessing!

When we had the physical clinic, this was a lot easier, of course, because we could choose who we wanted to work with us. Now I work more digitally, it is a bit harder but then I thought – er, not; it could actually be easier as I now have access to therapists wherever they happen to be! A lot of what we do can easily be done on the phone or by Skype and, as you know, I set up the Support Calls and they have worked brilliantly though I say so myself – and so do the people who’ve had them when they have given me feedback. All good 🙂

I simply can’t do everything myself, though, much as I want to, being the control freak I am! I spend much time on those calls working out where someone should go next with their case and then who or what type of therapist or approach might help them with that. Now, to make life easier, I am trying to set up our own little virtual team so I can say chat or see x, y or z and see what they have to say on it.

That will take some time obviously.

Meantime, you can read more about my virtual team approach here:

Clinic Team

Become A  Purehealth Practitioner – read this if you’re a therapist and want to be part of it. I’m not charging fees or commission, but I want some help with blog posts, factsheets, courses, mentoring etc if I need you. A kind of quid pro quo arrangement (although, of course, this makes more work for me so, if it goes mad, I might need to adjust this!)

I’ve put a new section called Therapy Appointments on the shop and that’s where any therapy services, mine included such as the Support Calls, will be from now on to keep it all in one place for you. That page will explain how the process works and I’ll need to add a few bits and bobs to the FAQ no doubt as I go along.

Brain icon For now, our first Purehealth Practitioner is Senior Consultant Hypnotherapist/Behavioural Therapist Julie Poole, who I have already mentioned to some of you and I know some of you have already booked in with her as I have been extolling her virtues since she helped me!

I chose Julie first simply because the type of person I most want to refer to is usually a person who deal with the subconscious and brain. This is why Philip and I worked a lot in tandem originally in-clinic: he was mind and I was body! Since Philip went off and became a voice-over artist instead (grr), I’ve had to refer mainly to online resources and people I don’t know. This is where Julie comes in – now I have someone to help on this really important side of getting well. It’s, quite frankly, the combo that works best and quickest.

This is Julie’s therapy page where you can book a free chat, session or course of treatment.

All I need to do now, then, is work out who else I fancy being part of our team and go and persuade them!

I hope it helps. Should make life a teensy bit easier for all of us, I hope. Enjoy 🙂


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