5 Top Tips for Burnout..

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This made me laugh today, not least because I was feeling a bit anxious about the amount of work to get through myself. Instead of allowing the panic to build, I stopped and did a twenty minute meditation and now here I am writing blog posts which always calms me! There should always be time to write.

5 Principles to Overcome Burnout

You wake up almost as tired as when you fell asleep, four hours ago. After hitting the snooze button twice, you stumble to the kitchen and chug a quart of coffee. It doesn’t help. Your face in the mirror looks like the child you might have had with Voldemort. You can barely squeeze into your last-resort “fat pants.” Getting your kids off to school feels like climbing Mount Everest; driving to the job you once loved, an uphill slog to the salt mines. You dread interacting with your coworkers. It’s not that you aren’t a caring, compassionate person; it’s just that you hate everyone.  

Very funny. I particularly liked the bit about Voldermort’s child! Continue reading Martha’s tips here.

Then, do this meditation:

A Meditation for Calming Your Emotions

Sometimes I just say whatever words come to mind, mostly ‘Calm’ and ‘Strong’ or whatever my subconscious mind feels I need at that time will come out. Just trust your mind to know what words it needs or just follow ‘Just This…’ as per the meditation.

OK, I feel better having written a few blog posts so I’m off for my tea now!

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