9 Signs You Might Have A Gluten Related Disorder

How many of these can you count, then?

I got six originally and nowadays have one – the pounding headaches/migraines. This is often one of the most difficult symptoms to get rid of, I’ve found, and others I talk to say the same. Not nice at all, I can tell you. I could actually say I have a half too – the skin thing. I am definitely more susceptible to itching, sore skin and, interestingly, this is much worse around my cycle so I am convinced there is a hormone link there too.

People are often surprised by the fact that most people don’t have gut symptoms and, in fact, many experts now believe that the presence of brain fog should trigger an investigation for a gluten illness; they think it’s the top tell-tale signal. I do see it an awful lot, and I agree. Nowadays, it’s one of the first questions I ask and  then look for other confirmatory clues as I go along.

The other is: ‘Have you come off traditional gluten for 2 weeks or more and felt better?’

Most will answer: ‘yes, but my symptoms didn’t all go so I went back on it.’

I then go through the chat and invariably people have gone on to feel even worse over the ensuing months or years, but have not made the connection that the reintroduction of gluten after a break will often make the situation worse over time, giving them new symptoms to deal with. Often those will be mood and neurological in some way I’m finding, as if it’s gone to a deeper system somehow or something.

And, they often won’t have thought that the continued ingestion of either gliadin (as in a traditional GF diet) often hidden in foods, toiletries etc and/or the ingestion of other gluten peptides, not just gliadin, may have been why not all their symptoms went on their exclusion diet in the first place.

This then makes me consider either a ‘proper’ trial of trad GF, or a TGF approach, or I’ll suggest testing, depending on if they’re still on gluten or not and whether I think we need to find something on paper for them and their doctors to see if we can.

Fascinating, isn’t it? It’s often blindingly obvious when I see it as I see it all day, every day in cases. When you point it out, people are often surprised they didn’t make the connections either. It seem simple but nothing about food ever is, is it?!

Anyway, I digress, as per! Back to the article I saw here.

9 Surprising Signs You May Have A Gluten Allergy

And, of course, I don’t agree that there is no way to test for gluten related disorders. There is. Not perfect yet, of course, but we are further on than this suggests, see the Gluten Tests page here.

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