How To Find A Practitioner

support icon   I am always being asked who I recommend for this or that therapy so I have started a new page for you on the Purehealth website to help you find the right person to move you forward. I know many of you want me to help but there is only one of me and thousands of you! I can always do the testing and reports for you, of course. See here for those.

I’ve a way to go yet with the Practitioners new page, and it will no doubt evolve into a specific therapy section or something, but for now, it will help direct you to some useful therapist directories and to specific practitioners as I add ones I rate for you. I’ll let you know as I add new things or expand it, of course.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

profile pic 24.8.15  The first recommended practitioner on the page is Julie Poole, the clinical hypnotherapist who has helped me greatly in my own quest for health. I’ve asked Julie also to join the Facebook groups to chat with us, and I’ll no doubt get her to do some guest blog posts on here too to help us with the non-ingestive healing work we’ve been discussing for some time now. See healing series if you want to read more about this.

My approach now to chronic illness is to combine the physiological/biochemical approach like nutritional therapy/ naturopathy etc with the mental, cognitive and emotional approach using eg. clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, trauma work, neuroplasticity brain retraining etc. I can do the former, of course, and the latter is where Julie comes in.

Clinical hypnotherapy, and Julie in particular, has been instrumental in me identifying non-nutritional reasons for my food sensitivity, migraines, pain etc and in me overcoming them. I have moved from an ill person feeling rubbish and reactive most of the time to a normal person with a few food and migraine issues I’m working on; that may not sound much but, trust me, the emphasis is very different!

After many years of losing foods and still suffering symptoms, I am happy to say I am now getting new food back in at last – walnuts, honey, blueberries and tea are the most recent ones, yay 🙂 I’ve a way to go but the clinical hypnotherapy/counselling work has opened the door to healing properly now. It’s not all about a leaky gut and methylation, it seems and this has been a lesson well-learned!

Anyway, if you see Julie commenting and popping up, that’s why. She’s good and, happily, works on Skype if you don’t happen to be near Plymouth 🙂

Check the new Practitioners page out here. Hope you find it useful.

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