Rules For Healing

Brain icon  I saw this list of ‘rules’ today in the AIP (autoimmune protocol) community and I thought you might find them useful.There are some really good pieces of advice here which I think can apply to pretty much any healing ‘journey’ you are going through.

I particularly like the emphasis on not following every trend going (I see this ALL the time as people ping-pong from one ‘magic bullet’ to another; I don’t blame them; I’ve done it!).

I like the emphasis on self-healing and trusting yourself to find a way through, using support at various stages as necessary (again, exactly what I’ve done myself – and I hope I’ve become one of those you turn to when you need support..).

And I really like the plea not to be scared of food and to remember it is there to nourish you – this is a good neuroplasticity technique to start changing the fear and get out of the food is fearful groove. And, yes, I’ve definitely been there too!

Anyway, here’s the list for you and you can see the full blog post here:



  • Trust your intuition. You don’t need a guru to navigate this process successfully.
  • Embrace the template. The Autoimmune Protocol is not one-size-fits-all; it’s a template that promotes individuality and self-discovery.
  • Information is power. Learn enough to be an informed and proactive advocate for your health.
  • Start simple. Begin with the foundations of diet, sleep, stress-management, movement, and relationships before delving deeper.
  • Take it slow. Don’t be afraid to make changes in phases–it was the tortoise and not the hare that won the race!
  • Food is your friend. It provides nourishment to every single cell in your body!
  • Set yourself up for success. Planning and preparation are the key.
  • Be a nutrient-seeker. Don’t ignore the foods that accelerate healing and restore health.
  • Food over supplements. Nutrients are often synergistic and more potent in nature’s packaging.
  • Don’t diet “harder.” Resist the temptation to further restrict instead of troubleshooting.
  • Seek help. When necessary, thoughtfully add practitioners to your team that are willing to collaborate, not undermine your authority on you.
  • Test, don’t guess. Always use testing to reveal root issues if progress is not as expected.
  • Be skeptical. “Magic bullets” that only the elite can afford are not the solution to our healthcare crisis.
  • Strive for balance. Restoring our health is a worthy pursuit but it is not a religion.
  • Support is crucial. If your networks aren’t strong enough, explore ways to add to your human connections.
  • Reframe the negatives. Find areas where your life has been expanded by your experience with illness.
  • Practice gratitude. Give thought energy to what is good and right in your life.
  • Eyes on your own journey. The path to wellness is unique for all of us. Resist the urge to compare.
  • Health before image. Value wellness above numbers on a scale or reflections in a mirror.
  • Vibrant health is a lifelong journey. Nobody ever regrets investing in their wellness. Enjoy the process of restoring your health!



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