Silver Clothing For Eczema

12% Silver Short Sleeve Tee This is an interesting approach for those of you with infected eczema who maybe can’t tolerate the usual approaches. I was chatting to a lovely lady, J, the other day who was telling me about her severe issues and how she resolved it as she had not responded well to antibiotics or supplements.

I asked her to write a smidgeon so I could tell others about it and here is her piece for you:

I had really bad infected eczema from head to toe and antibiotics were tricky with regard to fillers but also the actual drug.  I reacted badly to an extremely small dose of antibiotics and needed something to get on top of the infection.  

Previously tried dermasilk clothing for eczema but found it too harsh.  I knew about the healing properties of silver and tracked down a company that provides items of clothing with silver thread (TDS healthcare limited – based in Nottingham – extremely helpful).

 I purchased a long sleeved top and leggings set – not exactly cutting edge in terms of fashion – but needs must.  For three weeks basically lived in the silver thread clothing – also using diprobase to stop the skin from drying out – and the results were dramatic.  The infection and wounds started to heal and became more manageable.

There is a company in Germany called Padycare that do a range of clothing for children and adults – but preferred the TDS stuff as it is cotton.
Also thought about the copper range currently available and advertising its antibacterial qualities.  I think this is  Incidentally copper clothing is quite popular in America for outdoor clothing particularly hunting gear – neutralises odours so the poor animals don’t know the hunter is coming!!!!
Silversense is excellent for baby/toddler clothing – I have used the largest hat and dribble bib for scalp and face – again really good in terms of results.  This company is based in Britian.
You end up having to be really creative in these situations – I have to say if there hadn’t been any pre-made items available – I was going to buy some fabric from a company in America who do the Electro-Magnetic Shielding fabrics by the metre and run up my own creations.
So, very interesting; thanks for sharing, J. I have a feeling some of you will really benefit from that. Do share in comments any other thoughts along these lines. Infected eczema is no laughing matter and if we can find novel approaches, so much the better.

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