It Takes Dedication But You Too Can Do It!

Brain iconAs you know, I’ve always got my eyes open for stories where people have successfully turned around chronic food-related ill health to share with you for inspiration.

Many of you follow Low Histamine Chef Yasmina who has uses a similar approach to the one I am now following myself and advocating as a healing strategy for us – less emphasis on avoidance, more on calming the amygdala, changing conditioned Pavlovian-like physical and mental responses, and nourishing the body in lots of different ways.

However, her recent post detailing her daily schedule was quite humbling. It shows just how much she does and how little I do in comparison; it’s a real eye-opener! But, it worked for her so it made me think: maybe I – we – have to get off our bums and apply ourselves a little more?

Yasmina does about 4 sessions of meditation/visualisation/self-hypnosis a day and an hour or so of yoga, plus ‘present moment’ meditation as she does normal day to day stuff like washing up etc. Phew. That is a lot. Not all of us have the type of day that can be structured into that kind of schedule – many of us have kids, full-time 9-5 (or 8-7!) jobs and many more demands on our time. But, maybe we can take a leaf out of her book and at least step up what we are doing to help ourselves?

Before I moved recently to Cornwall – for me, a crucial part of my healing path has been moving to a healing environment – I actually did have quite a similar structure in place; it was like a full-time job. My mind was on it all the time; it was quite exhausting but I was feeling better and started to get lesser reactions, so I know this works. But, there’s no getting around it; it takes a lot of time and dedication to get well, to turn down that inflammatory and reactivity dial, to stop the mental food-fear chatter, to end the eternal focus on ‘will I, won’t I react?’. But do it we must if we want to stop the ever- expanding avoidance of food groups I see every single day in my work with you all.

Have a read of Yasmina’s schedule below, then, and see if there’s anything more you could be doing. I have had a good kick up the proverbial and will be stepping up the meditation myself from today. Thanks, Yasmina, for the kick and the inspiration!


Read the rest of my healing series here and you can see a bit of my schedule here. It does evolve all the time as I refine it and find what works for me specifically, but you get the gist. Are you doing some of that at least??

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