Paleo, Mediterranean or Nordic?

Interesting article today from Dr Michael Murray on the Nordic Diet that is taking the weight loss industry by storm currently.

The diet is based on wild foods, fruits, veg, plenty of fish, good oils and fats and some grains. People have been losing healthy amounts of weight on it. I’m not surprised as – minus the grains – that is my diet, and I am now a healthy size 8 with perfect body and visceral fat scores, yay!

I really like Dr Murray’s point, though, that it really doesn’t matter what you call the diet, or even the specific foods involved in it. Most good and effective diets have certain things in common, as he says:

The key point that I want to make is that if you look at the medical research on diet and health, there are some obvious principles that are common. Eat more whole, unprocessed natural foods with a focus on low glycemic plant foods and good oils including mono-unsaturated fats and fish oils; while avoiding overconsumption of meat and dairy. The research on the NDD mirrors that with two highly popularized diets – the Mediterranean Diet and the Okinawan Diet. However, I am 100 percent positive that healthful versions of the traditional Latino, African, Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern diets would also show positive effects on overall health as well as genetic markers of inflammation. Again, my point is that these diets are all very similar in food constituents, though they can differ quite significantly in the actual foods.

Here, here. I’ve always said it is the choices in the typical diets we make that make the difference; all types have healthier foods than others. For example, I’ve always thought having a curry is really good for you – depending on what oils you use and how you choose to cook it!

I like the idea I’m on a Scandi type diet – how cool!

Read the article here:

Move Over Paleo And Mediterranean Diet, Here Comes The New Nordic Diet

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