Most Popular Tests Now Discounted!

Insttest iconead of doing a January sale, I have managed to wangle some year-round discounts on the most popular Genova tests for you!

I am particularly pleased to be able to quite heavily discount the main functional tests because these can be so useful to people but the price is a bit steep for some to cope with. Hopefully the heavy discounts on these will enable people to get them done now and get some really valuable insight into their bodies.

ONE (Optimum Nutrition Evaluation) is a fabulous test that gives a real idea of what deficiencies and imbalances are going on in the body. Was £324, now £299 so £25 off that one 🙂

Even better, the Nutreval extends the ONE test even further adding toxic metals, red blood cell minerals, fatty acids, Vitamin D etc. Was £593, now £495 – almost £100 quid off, I thank you 🙂

Other really useful tests I do day in, day out have also come down a bit for you – not much to play with here but every little counts and all that:

Adrenal Stress Test – was £79, now £75.

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Test (includes SIgA) – was £103, now £99

Single Cortisol Test – was £50, now £39

Thyroid Plus Test (includes autoimmune antibodies, reverse T3 and conversion issues – was £141, now £135

I am also working on getting Genova to discount the Toxic & Essential Elements for us so that more can test their key minerals and toxic metal levels without having to centrifuge the blood! I’ll keep you posted.

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