Which UK Area Has the Most Obese People?

New obesity figures released: Find out how your area fared
New figures from Public Health England were released just before Christmas that detailed the percentage of people in different local authorities who are overweight or obese. The fattest local authority with an alarming 3 in every 4 people being overweight or obese (76%) was Copeland in Cumbria. This compares to around 66% as a national average and the lowest percentages were found in Kensington and Chelsea (47%). This is still nearly half of the people in this one local authority who have a BMI of 25 or over. 

To find out the percentage in your area click here.

Source: Nutri ENews January 15
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One Reply to “Which UK Area Has the Most Obese People?”

  1. Crikey – Milton Keynes, my closest city has 72.5% obese people. Shocking. It’s the epidemic that will ruin this nation.

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