TGF Candida Plan Update

Candida PlanTruly Gluten Free CoverAnyone on the TGF Candida Plan, please note that Paraclens (second stage) has been discontinued (European laws again, no doubt, grrr).

I have swapped to Higher Nature Candiclear instead, which is a mix of octanoic acid (old name: caprylic acid) and gut cleansing herbs like pau d’arco, thyme etc.

It is powders and no soya or potato like the others but has some extra Magnesium and Calcium, which is useful.

Here’s the bit from the plan in case you need it. Of course, it is now in the updated version.


6. Higher Nature CandiClear 1-2 1-2 1-2 A mix of octanoic (caprylic) acid and well-known gut cleansing herbs. Build your dosage up from 1-2 per day. Do not take near probiotics. Can take at same time as oregano. Each cap gives 44mg Ca and 30mg Mg

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