New York IgG Tests and Total IgA, IgM and IgG Testing

Just to let you know I have today listed 4 new York IgG fingerprick food intolerance tests – at a LOT cheaper than the normal ones 🙂

There are now four different options, testing for 50, 75, 100 or 150 foods. These are practitioner-only tests and I have more flexibility with prices so have decided to pass on quite a bit of my discount to you. The 150 foods, for example, should retail at £299 and I have listed it for £225! And that includes my postage and packing too.

Here’s some info for you and you can now find them all on the shop. Follow the links (bolded numbers)  to each test below and you can then see what foods are tested by each test:

Is what you eat making you ill?

The YorkTest Foodscan is a quick and easy 100% home test that delivers reliable laboratory test results within just 10 days, all from the comfort of your own home.

One simple pin-prick sample enables YorkTest Laboratories (Lorisian) to identify your food intolerances by testing for delayed food specific reactions in your body.

You can test for 5075100 or 150 foods at much cheaper prices than the normal York tests, even though they are the same. That’s because I have the tests through Lorisian, the practitioner arm, and have chosen to pass on some of my practitioner discount to you. This test is for the 150 foods. 

You can see the foods tested here and sample instructions here (written as if done in-clinic but you do the same at home).

Wheat intolerance, gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, milk intolerance, egg intolerance… there are a lot of food groups and foods that can be a cause of food sensitivity and make life uncomfortable. In fact, Allergy UK suggests that up to 45% of the UK population is affected by food intolerance.

Over 75% of people who take our food intolerance test enjoy a noticeable improvement – the majority within three weeks of eliminating the offending foods.

Please note: Raised levels of food-specific IgG antibodies within your blood indicate that a reaction to a particular food or foods has occurred. If you have already taken the decision to eliminate a particular food or foods from your diet they may not show up as a reaction on your results.

If you know of foods that trigger your symptoms then do not start eating them just to confirm this through taking the test. We cannot encourage you to eat a food or foods which you already know are a problem to you. You generally have to be eating suspect foods a couple of times a week for a minimum of 4-6 weeks for them to show up.

If you prefer to take a test where you don’t have to have eaten the foods beforehand, please look at the cellular and leucocyte  assays eg. FACT or ALCAT.

York no longer do the First Step Raised IgG test, but I have found an alternative here. You can also do a Total IgA, IgM and IgG test here and I have found a UK lab to do it so we no longer have to pay for international courier, hoorah!

Why would you want to do a Totals test, then?

If you want to confirm a problem with food intolerance and don’t want a full food test (as in Food Intolerance Test 1), this looks for total amounts of the key antibodies. 

If they are raised, you know that you are producing immune reactions to something and can then treat or go on to look for specific foods or substances. 

Useful also to check treatment progress if you do this at the start of a treatment programme, you can measure and see if the totals are reducing without the cost of the full food tests. 

Hope they help!

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