Polyphenols For Your Heart: Which Foods

A recent large-scale study involving data from over 7,000 participants has found that increased intakes of polyphenols could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by a staggering 46%. That’s HUGE!
In the study, the researchers evaluated polyphenol intakes of the 7,172 study participants, and the potential associations with cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke. Results showed that those people with the highest intakes of polyphenols (1170mg /d) had a 46% reduction in risk of cardiovascular problems compared to those with the lowest polyphenol intakes (562 mg/d).
In addition, the researchers observed statistically significant associations for subclasses of polyphenols, notably lignans, anthocyanins and dihydrochalcones.
The researchers concluded:

 that there is an inverse association between total polyphenol intake and risk of cardiovascular-related events that is independent of other dietary and non-dietary CVD risk factors.

In other words, increasing your intake of all types of polyphenols, and especially those sub-types, can help protect you from cardiovascular disease.
In Spain, where the study was done, the main intake came from coffee and fruit but the researchers pointed out also the olives and olive oil factor as a big one too.
Polyphenols are found in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, green tea, red wine, cocoa, flaxseeds, olives and high quality extra virgin olive oil. 
Go get some!


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