Hot Chocolate Made Healthier!

Here is a lovely recipe for making an indulgent but healthy hot chocolate drink I picked up from Nutri today. I like the addition of the blood-sugar balancing cinnamon and the immuno-supportive manuka, quite apart from the antioxidant benefit of the raw cocoa. What’s not to like?

Serves 2

You will need:

•    250ml milk (choose from organic almond, soya, or any nut or seed milk)
•    250 ml water
•    1 heaped teaspoon organic raw cocoa powder
•    ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
•    ½ teaspoon pure organic vanilla bean paste
•    1 teaspoon manuka honey (optional / to taste)


•    Gently heat the water and milk together in a pan
•    Put the cocoa powder, cinnamon and vanilla bean paste into the base of a jug
•    Add a dash of the milk and water into the jug and mix thoroughly till combined
•    Add the rest of the milk & water, the honey if using, pour into two mugs.

•    Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Hot Chocolate Made Healthier!”

  1. Excellent idea. Might have to go and make myself one now you’ve seeded the thought. I might try it with mesquite flour. Have you used that before? and maybe jaggary instead of manuka honey. Trying to buy some of that at the moment.

    1. Do you mean mesquite flour instead of the cocoa there, Ruth? Jaggery is just unrefined sugar isn’t it so none of the immune benefits of the manuka?

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