CoQ10 and Selenium Combo Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

Interesting research here showing the effectiveness of taking CoQ10 and selenium together to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. I have definitely seen CoQ10 help symptomatically over the years in people after heart attacks so can attest to that. This is the first research I have seen combining the two elements – it is known that CoQ10 and selenium have a relationship in the body so it is not surprising.

Elderly Can Halve Heart Attack Risk with Supplements

Once we reach 70 our risk of suffering a fatal heart attack increases, but we can half that risk by taking Coenzyme Q10 and selenium supplements, according to research from  Linkoping University in Sweden.  

They gave 433 people, aged from 70 years upwards, the supplements or ‘dummy’ placebo pills every day for five years.  At the end of the trial, 5.9 per cent of those given the supplements had died from cardiovascular disease compared to 12.9 per cent of those taking the dummy pills.

Coenzyme Q10 helps to convert fats, carbohydrates and protein into energy; selenium is a trace element that supports around 25 different proteins in the body.  Most Northern Europeans are depleted in levels of selenium, which some scientists believe is a major cause of cardiovascular disease.

Source: International Journal of Cardiology, Volume 167, Issue 5 , Pages 1860-1866, 1 September 2013. From: Marilyn Glenville enews Nov 13

I can’t see how much was used of each supplement as I haven’t got access to the full study but generally I say 100mg CoQ10 as ubiquinol preferably (this is my fave) and 100mcg selenium, which you should have in a multi or can be taken separately (like this one) or 4-5 brazil nuts a day would help.

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