New US Purehealth Supplement Store With 10% Off!

Purehealth has officially gone international! I am aware, over the last year or so, that more and more of you getting in touch, getting tests done and downloading info are based in Europe, the US, Canada, New Zealand and, well all over the place, which is just lovely.

I recently set up the 10% discount scheme for supplement and non-toxic toiletry purchases which people in the UK and Europe can use, but what about those of you across the pond?

Never fear: I have convinced a US practitioner service to set up a US-based store for me (a first, as always, I thank you!) so that those of you in or nearer the US than Europe at least can get hold of the stuff I am recommending in the plans etc – and I have applied a site-wide 10% discount for you so you don’t even have to remember a code :).

You can get free shipping, auto-ship services and much more. And, if you are in the UK or Europe and are having difficulties getting some of the more awkward brands like Kirkman, Neuroscience etc, you can use it too although, of course, the shipping costs will be higher.

Anyway, am feeling pretty pleased with myself and I hope you like it. Here’s the blurb from the website for you:

DSS Purehealth (US): (877) 846 7122

DSS store logo

If you are in the US or closer to it than Europe, I have set up a special Purehealth supplement store to make life easier for you. This is run for practitioners like me by a US service.

Anyone in the UK or Europe can use it; you would just have to pay extra international shipping. That might be useful if you want Kirkman, Neuroscience or even Heels remedies that can be difficult to get in the UK.

Shipping in the US is free over $150 or $7.90 and you can use AutoShip (free shipping in US only) for regular prescription items. International Shipping takes about 6-10 days and costs vary depending on which service you choose – read the details on the site. Also, bear in mind customs charges may apply – check with customer services.

So far, the brands I have made available for you are Allergy Research Group, Kirkman, Biotics Research, Heels, Thorne Research, Neuroscience and Houston Enzymes so that makes it nice and easy to follow the stuff I generally use in the plans and protocols. If you need another brand, just ask and I will try to add it for you.

As a pressie from me, I have applied a 10% discount to every product on the site so you don’t even have to remember a code!

To order, simply go to the sitecall toll free or email customer services:

Yay! Now I just need one in Africa…Ok, p’raps not 😉

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