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    1. I use both. I have a large personal library and have built custom book shelves to keep them. Recently, I have purchased a large number of e-books because that’s all that was available or both the e-book and the printed book is offered at a special price. I like options. I’m in the same situation you are… adapting to the 21st century!

      1. Ha, think you’re dead right there about offering options nowadays Stefanie, thanks. My library is huge too and I would truly miss not seeing them all resplendent on the bookshelves!

  1. First I will mention that computer screens are hard on the eyes. Second, I could not resist sharing a poem I wrote about kindle and ebooks… last year and posted on one of my blogs.


    the name

    evokes something

    warm, fuzzy


    yet there is nothing


    about a hard

    plastic case

    which requires


    frequent recharging

    and ends its days

    heaped among

    other must haves

    that litter the




    all that nature

    has placed in


    cannot be passed down

    to subsequent


    or shared with


    kindle old

    before his time

    already outdated

    before leaving

    the manufacture

    global footprint


    there will be no

    used kindle shops

    where poets linger


    over coffee


    and HOWL




    1. That’s fab, thanks Lea for sharing that!

      I laughed my socks off when P first got a Kindle and swore I would never give up my books. BUT, I now use my Kindle and books for different reasons. Books for pleasure and to keep for reference, Kindle for stuff I don’t want on shelves and need to download quickly. But I also like large documents online that I can search effectively.

  2. In defense of the Kindle

    I was convinced I didn’t want an ereader until I was given an old one. And I absolutely love it. I now have a new backlit Kindle and would not be without it. We don’t have a TV so we both read a lot. And even though we have an actual library at home, a room the size of an average double bedroom encased with custom made book shelves and a lovely sunny sitting/reading area, plus book cases in our offices, the sitting room and downstairs loo, we were just getting overloaded with books because we hate to get rid of them. Kindles have been our saviour. We still buy some books, special books we know we want to keep, but most of the novels, fact books and biographies are Kindle.

    I can read it in bed without having a light on and disturbing my husband. I can take it on holiday and never run out of choice. One charge will last for 3 weeks! It’s comfortable to hold and best of all, when I’m tired I can increase the size of the print to help me. The Kindle display quality is very good for the eyesight and very easy to read. Way better than a computer screen. When I broke my right arm I could easily hold and read it in my left hand only.

    The downside? It doesn’t smell of paper and ink, which I love. Hence I still buy some books.

    Remember, Caxton was considered some sort of heritic and hounded down for printing the first paper books. Technology is here to stay, as it was in his day. But there is room for both in our lives.

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