Ebooks or Printed Books?

Quick question for you. Currently, the ebooks and factsheets like the Adrenal Plan/Barrier Plan etc are all in PDF form. I’m wondering whether you need/prefer a paperback or a different file for your Kindles/Nooks etc. Please give me some clues below, thank you.

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  1. I may be a dinosaur but I only get a chance to read in bed at night so it’s got to be something that doesn’t matter if I fall asleep and it drops on the floor! Printing off ebooks means too many sheets for me to staple and they inevitable end up in a mess!

  2. I must admit it may sometimes be good to have the option of having a book instead of all these A4 printouts! Would be more likely to flick through, bookmark stuff, take it with me for rare reading opportunities…having said that, it is very practical for me to have the option to download so I can get my paws on it straight away, don’t have to wait for the snail mail here in France! Also, I suspect, down to money alone, I would prob choose the cheaper, download option! LOL NO help am I?!! I guess I am saying the ideal would be to have a choice of download and paperback 🙂 x (P.S. don’t have a kindle or anything like that)

    1. Ha! That’s what I thought – you need different formats for different times, don’t you! Yesterday, I downloaded Kindle for PC and read one of my plans converted to a Kindle type file on there which worked well. I think what I might end up doing certainly with the big plans is to offer a choice of formats in one purchase and then people can download it in whatever form they like. the only extra choice would be a print on demand paperback which you have to do separately. All very complicated! I spent the whole weekend learning about mobi, epub, pod formats and how to do them. I am turning into a geek!

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