20ppm, 10ppm or 1ppm #Gluten for #Coeliacs?

This debate is raging on, especially since the FDA in the US have now set a limit of 20ppm, bringing their gluten food rules into line with our European ones. See their press release here:

However, as one of our readers kindly pointed out, Australia isn’t so convinced. See the article below where an Australian gastroenterologist questions whether Australia should follow suit in the light of the FDA report ages ago that as little as 1ppm is enough to scupper coeliac healing. As he says:

the proposed new GF standard may not be safe for patients with CD.

Read here where I wrote about the FDA report:

Is 20ppm #Gluten Free Enough?

and here for the Oz article in the Medical Journal of Australia:

Modifying the gluten-free threshold for foods: first do no harm

Thanks, A, for sending it in for us. I’m not actually sure if we can ever get down to a low enough level of gluten free food for some gluten sensitives, so it is a bit of a moot point. I do applaud the lowering of the parts per million labelling but, sadly, it will never be enough for the hyper-sensitives among us. Well done to this chap, though, for pointing out what we have been saying all along. 

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  1. Dear Glutenaughts,


    I have read this article now about three times before it started to sink in. I’m not sure that I have it fully figured out but I’ve got a good start. It’s more than just gluten. The implications are depressing. But I will let you all read it to the level of your understandings just in case you don’t find yourselves mired as deep as I am in the muck.

    As I was trying to retrace the link to this PDF that I harvested long ago, I came across this one:


    with a few concepts such as the source of the cheese that I found to be quite revealing since nothing is labeled properly these days.

    But then I fell across this link (the motherlode) and thought Oh My Gob! I have to pass it on to the group. I have never seen such a collection of data like this before. If any of you come across something that jumps out at you please post to TGF but also drop me a private note in case I am not subscribed to that thread. Be aware that many of the PDFs would not download properly.


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