#Gluten Resources: Are You Stuck? Free Presentation

  The beady-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I have added SCD Lifestyle onto the Gluten Resources page, mainly for their meal plans, but also because they do some really useful posts and support stuff. See below for your first item – a live presentation for those of you who are plateauing…

First, who the heck are SCD Lifestyle?

Well, I have been following Steve and Jordan, two erstwhile digestive illness sufferers in the US, for a while and I like a lot of what they say. They can be a bit enthusiastic, shall we say, in approach sometimes (forgive me, boys; I’m a reticent Brit!) but, their material is fabulous and I agree with much of it 100%.

In essence, the Barrier Diet was based partly on some of the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) principles that they – and tons of others – advocate, but at SCD Lifestyle, they concentrate a  lot more on the ‘evils’ of a traditional gluten rather than grain free diet, as we do so there is a lot of lovely cross-over. I remember seeing their views on the ‘Gluten Free Lie‘ (their words) pop into my Inbox in the early-ish days and thinking ‘thank goodness, someone else is saying it too!’ I felt less alone!

They believe, as we do here on TGF, that a gliadin-free diet just isn’t enough for some people.  You can read more of their views on this subject here:

The Gluten Free Lie

The Toxic Truth About Gluten

In essence, their approach is one of healing the gut, which is something we all want. The reason I particularly like them is that they give you a staged food plan to help you eliminate and then reintroduce foods in a particular order that they have found works for most people with leaky gut and digestive issues. The diet is grain and dairy free and focuses on lowering inflammation. Recognise anything?!

Note it does allow things we might be a bit stricter on such as grain fed meat, but otherwise it fits well with our TGF principles.

Anyway, I think their stuff has evolved now into some really useful resources we can all tap into – and I haven’t had time to write yet!

So, here’s the first resource for you: a free live presentation on Tuesday 6th August. I think it is 7pm (use your converter from the time given – I am useless at this as I get confused with GMT and Daylight Saving Time!!). Note: this is NOT being recorded so you will need to catch it live if you can.

Get Painless Poops

Live Presentation – The 3 Body Systems Hold the Key to Painless Poops

If you’re frustrated because your health isn’t amazing, even though you’ve been eating special foods, taking lots of supplements, and getting tests… then come join us for a free presentation on why healing the digestive tract is never about only the GI tract.

We were wrong about this once too.

Stuck in a sorta symptom free life, experiencing the occasional flare ups or setbacks until we got sick of it. We launched into a frenzy of crazy supplement protocols, multiple health consultants and finally into functional medicine training programs.

Now on the other side of this adventure, we want to share what most Functional Medicine Practitioners know about the root cause of chronic illness (and how we finally got out of that sorta healthy grey zone).

That’s why we’re excited to give you a free presentation about how the feeling of high energy, clear skin, and a rock solid gut is tied to the 3 main body systems.

The 3 Body Systems are:

  • The Hormonal Axis (Adrenal Fatigue, Sex Hormones, and The Brain)

  • The GI tract (mouth to anus)

  • The Detoxification pathways (Liver and Brain)

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Go to their blog and find this post and register for the presentation if you think it might help you. Meantime, I am sure I will be back with more from them very regularly.


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    1. Thanks Janet, just goes to show what a worldwide problem we have with gluten – I have posted your comment under the geographical blog post I did recently too, thank you.

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