A Plea For Payment!

Just a little plea from me today to ask if you could please pay any invoices you receive promptly. Over the past few months – and maybe since I have swapped to using Paypal??? – I have found I am having to chase and send several reminders out and this takes valuable time. I know we are all busy but, if you see an invoice from me, purrrlease pay it asap for me.

Ta muchly.

7 Replies to “A Plea For Payment!”

    1. Ha, no, all clear, Val, but thank you for checking. Driving me mad – am up to 5/6 reminders with some people! As if I haven’t got enough to do 😉

  1. HI MIcki,

    I do not have any payments due to you….I think I got this reminder in past & you had explained it was just an error.
    I love you & your work & I fwd lots of people to your site!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Oh flippin heck, I feel all guilty for saying anything now!! Thank you Becky, that means more than cash and I wish I was on the NHS for you all!

  2. You are a star Micki – no-one minds you calling in their debts lol! I have paid you late in the past, I know! Won’t happen again! Don’t think I owe you anything now though…havn’t had any reminders anyway 🙂 You deserve EXTRA pay for all the info you pass on to us and all the research and sourcing you do! (although I unfortunately cannot volunteer to be the one who does that LOL!!) xxx Hope you’re keeping well apart from your late mortgage repayments 😉

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