SheepDrove Meat Orders

Those of you who are ordering your lovely 100% grass-fed meat via Sheepdrove, please note that our lovely Mary, who has been enormously helpful with ensuring our safe purchases – is leaving at the end of the month. I will be sad to see her go and wish her much luck in her new pastures (geddit?!)

In her farewell note, she said she had learnt lots from us and advised it might be a good idea to make sure we are particularly careful with order instructions for a while until a new ordering person takes over and is used to us. She says:

..send any requests alongside your online orders to and copy in our butchery manager Nick, it will ensure that your meat is exactly as requested. 

Recently, they delayed my order because the meat was coming from a neighbouring farm that week and they couldn’t guarantee it hadn’t been fed grain in Winter so we waited until  they had meat they were sure of. That’s good service as far as I’m concerned.

Remember when ordering: no grain-fed over-Wintered meat, no strings on your joints and no cross-contamination or spraying with citric acid etc etc.

For other suppliers, see the lists in the TGF book and Barrier Plan.

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