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More on men’s health for you this morning – I am aware I don’t do quite enough so am trying to rectify that a bit!

Statins Lower Testosterone

Have you ever wondered why your libido, energy, muscle mass etc might be low when you are on statins, men?

Well, if you are on statins to lower cholesterol this naturally will affect hormone production in the body. Steroid hormones, like testosterone, are made from cholesterol. Push the cholesterol down, push the testosterone down! Might be something to think about.

So Does Nutrient Deficiency

But, see this great picture from the Spectracell on the nutrients needed for testosterone too. I see many men (and women, of course) deficient or imbalanced especially in zinc and magnesium.

Testosterone and vitamin deficiency

Testosterone Tests

So, if you are struggling with stamina, maintaining muscle, energy and/or sexual performance, it might be wise to check your testosterone levels and see where they are, especially if you are on statins. You can do that via your GP, via a simple saliva testosterone test or the full male hormone panel, which also looks at melatonin and adrenal levels. After about 40, we make much more of our hormones via our adrenals, so if they are fatigued, your hormone levels can be low.


Low Testosterone Treatment

If low, you can ensure those key nutrients above and there is also a natural way of boosting testosterone production using orchic glandular therapy that I have found works really well. You can get those from ND as usual but do test first; don’t mess about with boosting hormones unless you know you need to. I will guide you if your test results are low.

If your adrenals turn out to be low too, follow the Adrenal Plan and the advice on boosting DHEA and testosterone.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Hi Micki lowering of testosterone, does that make statins good for prostate cancer, which I have? As an aside there’s been a marked increase in my PSA since I took my statin holiday. Should I go back on them? Best rgds ken spensley
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    1. Hi Ken, interesting. Can’t obviously advise specifically on the blog so email if you need to. I would be tempted to test your testosterone levels and, if high, may be a factor for you that the statins were reducing the testosterone although not sure what effect that would have directly on PSA.

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