Single Salivary Cortisol Testing Now Available

Just a quickie as I know some of you have been asking about this and you may not have noticed it in my last post:

we can now do single cortisol samples!!

Sometimes you need to see what your cortisol is doing at specific times of the day or night. You can do single saliva samples instead of or in addition to the normal adrenal stress test if you want to test at times not included in normal testing or you are keeping your eye on a specific time of day.

Sometimes, people want to test their cortisol levels when they are having a specific set of symptoms to see if they are caused or exacerbated by a cortisol rise or drop, and that’s what this test is for.

Order one or several as needed. You will get the number of vials ordered and can then take your samples and send them off as you need to, either all together if taken on the same day, or one at a time if taken on different days.

So, if you want to see what your cortisol is up to at 3am, now you can :). Rather you than me up at that time, but I know some of you are up then, feeling less than brilliant and have been wanting to test cortisol when you want to and not when the normal lab tests say you must.

I asked, I got. I take a bow….

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