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Since I wrote about the measles epidemic in Wales last week, several of you have asked what you should do instead of or as well as vaccinating.

Well, I can’t say do or don’t vaccinate: that is your choice as a parent. My advice would be to research the issue and make your mind up. But, if, like some of you, you are really reluctant to vaccinate, what else can you do to protect your children?

First, if you suspect your child may have measles, get them to the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The second thing to do is not to panic and to remember that it wasn’t so long ago that many Mums and Dads were holding measles ‘parties’ to make sure their children got measles which then conferred them lifelong immunity. What has happened now is that we are told we need a vaccine to do what is effectively the same job as far as I see it.

The third thing is to make sure your child’s immunity is strong enough. As far as I can tell, children generally have mild measles which is easily nursed in the old-fashioned ways we have used for years. From what I can see, it tends to be children who are already compromised in some way who get complications: that might be poor immunity, poor nutrient status or some existing illness that has weakened them. Or, it may be those who are not nursed through complications well enough or early enough. The plain fact is that measles can kill so it isn’t a subject you can ignore.

The fourth thing is that you could possibly talk to a homeopath who may be able to help you offset any vaccinations. I know it’s not the same, but me and P did this when we went to Africa and had to have the yellow fever etc vaccinations. Worth researching anyway.

Anyway, here are some interesting pieces for you to read which give you an alternative view from the current media stories maybe. Find others for and against (some attached below), and make your own mind up.

First, here is an update I wrote on the original piece last week:


Some of you have been asking me about alternatives. My best advice here is to consider your options carefully. See here where I wrote about the importance of Vitamin A to prevent complications and I would recommend you read WDDTY’s Vaccination Bible which you can get through this link and costs £4.95 (delete one if it comes up with two; it’s just the way the link works).

Next, here is an excellent piece via the Alliance for Natural Health, which is well-researched and points you to some well-referenced material on alternatives etc, including the fascinating piece below by Dr Jayne Donegan, a female Dr Andrew Wakefield, if you like, with similar views.

It’s measles, not bubonic plague!

Measles Scare 2011/2013: Is the Welsh outbreak much different from the French?

Also, read the ANH report on using natural products to boost immunity when we were at risk of the flu pandemic.

From FoodsMatter: Measles and MMR… Again

Hope that helps. What we need is calm and information so we can make a rational and well thought-out decision. We all care about our children and want to protect them as best we can. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices and not be villified for them.

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