One Coffee and Two Green Teas A Day Reduces Stroke Risk

  An interesting report from Japan I saw today suggests the amount of tea and coffee we drink can have differing results on our stroke risk:

Drinking one cup of coffee each day—but no green tea—reduces the risk of a stroke by 20 per cent, while drinking three cups of tea produces a 14 per cent lower risk, and four cups a day lowers the risk further to 20 per cent. 

But drinking at least one cup of coffee and two cups of green tea has the most protective effect, reducing the risk by 32 per cent.

The researchers analysed the lifestyles and diets of 83,269 adult Japanese aged from 45 to 74 years over a 13-year period and extrapolated the data from those records. That makes it a bit of guesswork, really, as there is no way to prove that the reduction in stroke was anything to do with the tea and coffee consumption, but it’s probably a good guess.

(Source: Stroke, March 14, 2013; doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.111.677500). WDDTY Enews March 13)

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