Which Water Filter System Is Best?

  Filtering water is a bit of a minefield nowadays, but buying a filter can significantly cut down your intake of toxic compounds. You could buy bottled water but that soon adds up: it’s often cheaper in the long run to get an under the sink solution.

If you are thinking of doing  that at any point, this new Water Filter Guide from the Environmental Working Group is a really helpful run-down of the pros and cons of each type.

Personally, I have an under the sink Reverse Osmosis with a double carbon filter system for cooking and drinking water, a chlorine whole house filter and a special shower head to minimise water use. Do I feel smug? Yep.

You can see the water filter F-RO-4 I have and recommend here, along with other lifestyle stuff I have found to be excellent over the years. The whole house filters are being updated currently and two main versions will be available for about £100 shortly, I am told.

One important note: I have read that some systems use corn or coconut fibre as part of their filtering membranes. so I double checked the one above. Here is their response:

Carbon is used pre RO membrane purely to remove chlorine which if present will destroy the membrane. Post RO it is used just to sweeten the water immediately before use. There is no practical benefit from using coconut carbon in either of these two applications. It’s a definite no to corn fibre. Our carbon cartridges use bituminous based carbon granules only. 

Great reporting from EWG as usual, do support them if you can.

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  1. I have had an RO filter since 1996, butr have been using RO filterwed water since 1984 when I was first diagnosed with Lupus. I have the filters changed at least once per year. My health is a lot better since I have been doing this. I am allergic not just sensitive to Chlorine and Fluoride. I cannot see myself ever existing without my filtration system. further, the Water Board filters my water for the heavier stuff like grits, and such before my water leaves the system outside my home. I know when the filters need changing as the PH changes, and the taste deteriorates. I have a special little meter that cost me £80 several years ago to test for the water’s purity and PH levels.

    My filter system cost £368 plus £65 for fitting back then. It is different now, far more expensive to have a new one fitted. But when this one has expired I will have no choice than replace it at the higher cost. Think though of the amount of money I have saved, and I still would have to filter the bottled water. Has anyone ever seen the actual contents of bottled water? You do not want to know, believe me!. My filtration system is not a salt based system. I would not touch that with a barge pole. I am merely passing on my 6 cents worth. I would never go back to unfiltered water–it would kill me in any case, and I do not care about the cost. My health comes first, so indeed I am going to get only the best for me, and my family.

    You have no idea what it is like when you go shopping and just have to look around and see everything that you could eat, but now you have to turn a blind eye. I have felt like screaming everytime, I have to shop. It is the most dreadful thing imaginable! Yet I survive and on the most basic of all foods. Then sometimes I pay the consequence in pain terms for eating or drinking the wrong stuff. I will reiterate, I totally would never do any less than using an RO filter. Just do your homework, and buy the best irrespective of the cost. Bye for now.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Evonne, and we all feel for you. I bet most of us recognise the want to scream when shopping/watching someone else eat easily – we all feel like that sometimes.

      Re the RO systems, I think you will find that the one I have recommended there is actually much cheaper than that. I haven’t got the latest price but it was about £200-odd when I bought it. They are a trade company not a retail one so no massive mark-ups! I have asked for the latest price and will post it shortly.

    2. I have been using Everpure for last 30 years, change filter every 6 months not I year

  2. I’ve been investigating water filters, as we’re soon being forced to a mains water supply after many years of having our own spring water. Your recommended system seem very cheap. The basic whole house system offered by The Healthy House costs £290-80 (for the smaller option). A link to it is here


    Unfortunately I can’t do any better than that for a link! (It means pasting it in your browser.) The percentage of each contaminant removed by your recommended system seems greater than that of The Healthy House’s. Yet it’s hard to believe that something costing almost half the price can be better.

    1. I know, we’re not used to that nowadays are we?! Mine has been fine all these years and, as I said, they are trade rather than retail hence the lower mark-up.

      1. problem with R-O the waste of water i am on a water meter.and hope to move home so i am looking for a counter top i have a brita jug refills are getting expensive,know off a good counter top filter..

  3. Hi Micki

    Is it possible to repost the link to the water filter you recommend please. The link I have doesn’t appear to be working. Thanks.

  4. for now I am interested in the Water filter Address you gave to Evonne Powell Von Heussen, I. have serious Health problems And Am watching the cost , KM,With THANKS.

  5. Hello Micki, do you put mineral drops into your drinking water? If so, which ones do you use? I heard that RO systems take out some of the minerals we might want.

    1. Hi Helen, it is true that RO water removes good and bad minerals, of course, which is why it is so pure. I have debated in the past whether to add mineral drops but actually my view is that we shouldn’t be relying on the tiny bit from water but should be getting our mins through a good diet. It’s a bit depressing to think that so many need that tiny amount in their tap water to supplement a poor diet if you think about it! I you were, probably go for an ionic mineral like this one, but it depend what you are wanting to add in, of course. http://naturaldispensary.co.uk/products/Ultratrace_227ml-5119-0.html

  6. I have used the Healthy House whole house filter for 6 years the only problem with it is that it can reduce the level of flow of the water to a point where at time the gas boiler will not work because the flow will not open the valve sufficiently or the water is luke warm for the same reason.

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