#Migraine and Chronic #Headache Sufferers Should Be Screened For #Gluten Illness

If you suffer with migraine or chronic headaches of any kind, you might be interested to see this post I wrote yesterday on the trulyglutenfree site…

A recent study found that migraine and chronic headaches were more prevalent in those with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity and inflammatory bowel disease. The researchers concluded that those with chronic head pain should be automatically screened for gluten sensitivity.

Future studies should include screening migraine patients for celiac disease and assessing the effects of gluten-free diet on migraines in celiac disease.

Of course, they only mention coeliac disease but look at this:

Five hundred and two subjects who met exclusion criteria were analyzed – 188 with celiac disease, 111 with IBD, 25 with gluten sensitivity (GS), and 178 controls (C). Chronic headaches were reported by 30% of celiac disease, 56% of GS, 23% of IBD, and 14% of control subjects

Note the 56% of gluten sensitives ie. non-coeliacs there – more gluten sensitives than coeliacs percentage-wise suffer with them. Ergo, we should be testing for any form of gluten sensitivity not just coeliac disease or you would actually miss the largest group! It made me a bit mad that they called the study

Prevalence of Migraine in Patients With Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Er, where has the bit about gluten sensitivity gone…?

My view is that anyone who suffers with chronic headaches and/or migraine should be tested properly for gluten illness using the protocol I outline here.

Thanks to Coeliacsmatter forum for alerting me to this one. You can read the study abstract here.

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