Clare’s Total #Food Intolerance Story in Daily Mail

Remember Clare’s heartbreaking story here? Well, she’s in the Daily Mail too.

Not sure I like the way they’ve covered it, but is helping to raise awareness, so good for her.   Warning: some people have written spiteful and uncaring comments (what do we expect from this paper? They are renowned for allowing nasty blog comments), but actually what I noticed is just how many people said they suffered in a similar way. This is a big problem and largely unacknowledged.

Well done brave Clare for doing the story. Go and have a read and post some supportive comments if you feel so inclined – let’s show some solidarity!

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  1. From Sue: I just read Clare’s story. How awful. I have no words. How can doctors keep telling us there is nothing to be done for IBS? It’s almost criminal that they ignore these issues. Poor woman. You must be gutted. I guess she’s beyond the GAPS diet. I have a friend, a young girl, who has been similar but seems to be recovering a little.

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