Free DAOSin Samples For Histamine Intolerance

I spied this in the Allergy UK newsletter and thought it might be useful for some of you:

For a limited period only, Sciotec, the manufacturers of Daosin are supplying free samples to anyone who would like to try the product.

Update: this is now out of date, sorry, but I have left the post up because it contains some useful info on DAOsin itself!

Go and have a peek. Note: this is not TGF safe as it contains corn and rice-derived ingredients but is traditional gluten free from what I can tell. here are the ingredients, sent in by one of you who sent for some…

Stabilizer: microcristalline cellulose, Capsule: Hydroxypropymethyl-cellulose, Stabilizer: Sucrose, Vitamin: Ascorbic Acid, Stabilizer: rice Starch, Enteric Coat: Shellack, stabilizer: Hydroxypropylcellouse, pig kidney protein extract with 7% diamine oxidase (DAO) Thickener: polyvinlpolyyrrolidone, Seperator: Talc, Thickener: Acetylated starch, Thickener; Carboxymethylcellulose, colour: Titanium Dioxide, moisturizer: Glycerol

Here’s some info on histamine intolerance and DAO enzymes from Allergy UK:

What is histamine intolerance?

Put simply this is an imbalance of histamine and the enzyme DAO, Diamine Oxydase (sic) in the body.  For someone with histamine Intolerance,  this deficiency means that they are unable  to break down ingested histamine quickly enough.

The consequence Ingested histamine is broken down significantly slower and accumulates within the body. The body then reacts to the accumulated histamine with similar symptoms as for allergies, for example, with rashes, itching, headaches, diarrhoea and vomiting or abdominal pain.    It is important to know however that this does not point to an allergy, but to intolerance.

What is Daosin?

DAOSiN is the only dietary food in the world that treats food intolerances based on intolerance to histamine. It was specially developed for people with low levels of DAO, Diamine Oxydase but does not however replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. DAOSiN contains DAO, which is responsible for breaking down histamine and supplements the natural occurrence of this enzyme in the body.  By taking DAOSiN capsules before mealtimes, the amount of DAO in the small intestine is increased preparing the body for to breakdown of histamine.  DAOSiN facilitates the processing of irritating histamine from food in the digestive tract and re-establishes the natural balance of histamine levels in the body.  DAOSiN can reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned reactions to histamine where intolerance to histamine is present.

How do you know if you have a lack of DAO enzyme? This simple test for histamine DAO.

For more info, go to my colleague Ella’s website as she is a sufferer and specialist in this area. Also, go here and see other resources including my latest article published on histamine intolerance.

11 Replies to “Free DAOSin Samples For Histamine Intolerance”

  1. Do you know whether the corn is in the actual enzyme or whether it is in the capsule? I.E. if you emptied out the powder into a drink or onto food ect and ditched the capsule would you be free of the corn?

    1. Don’t think so Yardana, I’m afraid. The ingredients are not all that clear but from the above list, I would think the ascorbic acid, rice starch and the other starch are fillers in the actual mix rather than the capsule. You could always contact Sciotec and double check then let us all know for sure!

    1. Sorry, this is out of date now and the offer has finished. I have added a note in the post but left it up because it still contains some useful stuff.

  2. I’m using Daosin since 2 months! I need 3-4 caps a week and thats it! I’m trying to make a dietary change as well so I’m in balance with food without histamine and with histamine. So far it works perfect, I’m feeling great! I really can recommend Daosin
    have a wunderful christmas time!

  3. My histamine reaction was so bad I was eating nothing but rice and corn for ages. Daosin was a little miracle. For those few months I had this bizarre intolerance, I couldn’t bear life without it.

  4. I buy Daosin directly under But I’m not sure if they gonna send it to the uk. I’m guessing it’s not a big deal, so try it. They have a online chat, maybe you’re gonna ask them 😉

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