No Colostrum PermaVite Now In!

Hoorah, Natural Dispensary has come up trumps and the (new/old?!) Permavite is due in stock tomorrow. If you have no idea what I am talking about, read here. 

Basically, the powers that be decided to change the Permavite – without telling us – adding colostrum to it and therefore making it no longer dairy-free and allergenic to many of you. I moaned and stamped my foot. Heard nothing from the company. I found the old formula was still available in the US and Michael at ND has organised a regular supply for us.

Can you tell I am really still a little bit annoyed 😉

There are two Permavites listed now on the ND site: one says ‘with colostrum’ and the other doesn’t so please make sure you order the latter one and CHECK what you have been sent as they look identical to the poor pickers in the warehouse!

You can place your orders online using the Permavite No Colostrum link or give them a call/email as usual.

Big hug from all of us to Michael for averting that crisis with us.

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