On TGF or Barrier Protocol? Views on the Multivit Please

I have a suspicion in my mind about MultiViMin since the company made a change to it earlier this year. It is probably totally groundless but can you please help me get a handle on it by answering the question below using comments? Now my reactions are lowering, they are not quite as reliable so I need more of your help and sharing of knowledge!

Thanks. I will let you know the results and what I’m thinking when I have your replies in.

Can you take MultiViMin OK?

Simple yes or no will suffice if you’ve no time to elaborate! I am looking to see if people were OK on it but are now suffering symptoms since they made this change Jan/Feb time – the capsule content colour changed if that helps. I am hoping not but best to check!

Thanks ever so.



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  1. I have just started taking the ARG multivitmin ( 2days of it) so far ok but will let you know.Capsule content is a creamy biege colour lot 565 expires 1/14 – if that helps in recognising the known safe one.

    1. Helpful, thanks caroline. Good idea to include lot/expiry numbers. That’s the same as mine. Let me know how you get on.

    1. Thanks Paul. The difficulty is that most say they are corn free but don;t declare corn-derived ingredients if they don’t consider anything in the final product. In practice, these corn-derived ingredients are enough to cause symptoms and therefore to block repair and healing of the gluten damage. For example, what form is the folate in – doesn’t say yet I know that certain forms are now using corn as a fermentation substrate and I recently reacted to one on a test!

      Could be OK but I will have to check them out. Keep on searching and directing me to anything you think likely. It’s a never-ending job checking them and 99% fall by the wayside but there must be more than the one we have out there!!

      Anyone checking, the best thing to ask is does it contain any grain especially corn in the final product AND/OR is any grain used during processing eg as a fermentation substrate even if you think there is none left in the final product. A good double-checker is what form is their Vitamin C in? 99% is corn-derived and if they say it is corn-free, ask them what the Vitamin C comes from then.

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