Get the Mossies, Get The Mossies!

Natural Insect Repellent Patches  Going on holiday and want to avoid mosquito and insect bites? Have a look at these natural insect repellant patches. Based on gradual dosing of B1 (thiamine) which is well known for putting off the little blighters.

The Patches contain 75mg of Thiamine (Vitamin B1), a natural vitamin. As the body typically needs less than 2mg of Thiamine a day for optimum health, the excess is passed out through the urine, breath and skin. This works with the body’s own chemistry to create a harmless invisible layer as it is excreted through the skin’s pores, providing a barrier that is 96% effective against mosquitoes, midges and sandflies. Although odourless to humans, biting insects hate the smell of Thiamine and go elsewhere for an alternative source of food.

Each Patch becomes effective two hours after it is applied to a clean, dry, hairless area of skin and protects for 36 hours. Non-latex adhesive.

Alternatively, take B1 as a supplement like this one.

Because vitamin B1 is water soluble and not stored to any great extent, any excess is eliminated. Therefore, even at high doses, thiamine is safe. In fact, MedlinePlus notes that no known poisoning is linked to vitamin B1. Your body knows how to take the vitamin B1 it needs for optimal function and get rid of the rest. The elimination through the skin is, in fact, how this works for mossies.

No guarantees, of course, but I have used it myself successfully.

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  1. Wouldn’t this ‘patch’ idea be good for all supplements/drugs? It would avoid all the problems with ‘fillers’, malabsorption etc…..surprising that no-one has marketed them!

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