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I received a plea this morning to get behind a campaign to stop new laws limiting our access to homeopathic medicines. It’s important we don’t allow the powers that be to limit our ability to take care of ourselves, our way.

It struck me that this is in stark contrast to the way the Swiss are now treating homeopathy. A recent Swiss government report, conducted in the same way as the UK one a while ago, I believe, came to a staggeringly different conclusion:

not only does it work, but that it is far more cost-effective than conventional medicine. 

They conducted the review because they were adding alternative therapies to their ‘NHS’ budget, each therapy subject to a thorough investigation. So, whilst here in the UK our access is being limited, the Swiss government has accepted there is enough evidence it works, that enough people want it, and they shouldn’t have to pay for it. What a flippin’ difference. Perhaps we should all move to Switzerland!

Source WDDTY enews May 12

Here’s the campaign detail, all you need to do it like a Facebook page so nothing onerous, but will give a powerful message:

Your access to homeopathic medicines is under threat


The Medicines Act is being simplified, which is a good thing because much duplication is being removed. However, as a result there are some key elements which could adversely affect your access to homeopathic medicines if the proposals go into force.

What will happen to my access to homeopathic medicines?

If the current proposals by the MHRA are endorsed by government the following would occur:

  • You would no longer be able to get homeopathic medicines by phone or online To get any unlicensed homeopathic medicine a face-to-face consultation would be required at a registered pharmacy. Unlicensed medicines number in the thousands and make up the majority of homeopathic prescriptions, while there are only 50 licenced homeopathic medicines. This will also mean you cannot legally buy unlicensed homeopathic medicines online or over the phone as you currently do.
  • Homeopaths would not be able to dispense or prescribe medicines to you Homeopathic practitioners would not be able to dispense unlicensed homeopathic medicines to their patients. This arises because homeopaths are not recognised by this law as being supplementary prescribers and it will be illegal for homeopathic pharmacies to supply them with the essential (unlicensed) medicines required for their patients.
  • You would have to get your homeopathic medicines personally at a handful of licenced homeopathic pharmacies in Britain Hundreds of thousands of people who currently have prescriptions filled for unlicensed homeopathic medicines will be unable to obtain their urgent medicines. The estimated 6 million users of homeopathy in Britain cannot be expected to be supplied medicines face-to-face by less than five licenced premises. 

The Act is due to be discussed late May/early June, so please help.

If homeopathy has worked for you and/or you want to stop bureaucrats from allowing you access to natural remedies, please like this Homeopathy Worked For Me page on Facebook:


and sign this petition:


Thanks. I note the campaign does involve two homeopathy suppliers who would, of course, stand to benefit, but I think the principle of limiting our choice to alternative medicine is good enough to support, whoever it comes from.

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  1. At 62, my medicine cabinet consists of Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Rue Fennel. I avoid meat and dairy by choice. My diet is rich in the herbs and fruits that are abundant here. Soon we will pick cherries, then figs and blackberries… I do not need any “drugs”. I have never smoked but do enjoy a glass of red wine in the evening. What more can I say. I am too busy having the time of my life. 🙂

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