Black Pepper Aids Fat Loss

Get sprinkling the black pepper on your meals – researchers have found that piperine in black pepper could help you keep fat off!

Here is a quick report on it for you picked up from WDDTY enews:

Black pepper helps you fight the fat – and now we know why

Chinese medicine has known it for centuries – black pepper is a powerful fat-fighter.  But now researchers have pinpointed the active ingredient that helps you shed the pounds: it’s all down to the piperine, which gives the pepper its pungent taste.

Piperine reduces fat levels in the blood, and interferes with the activity that helps new fat cells form.  

The researchers say that piperine or black pepper extracts could help fight obesity and help people keep the weight off.

(Source: Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, 2012; 60: 3853). 

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