Purehealth Service Summary

Aha! Seems I managed to confuse some of you with my newsletter yesterday.

Just wanted to confirm that I am not taking on NEW patients, but I am not deserting existing ones who can, of course, contact me and continue consultations as needed.

Anyone can order tests, purchase ebooks, read the factsheets etc.

To help, I have just put this summary on the home page of the Purehealth website. Hope it’s a bit clearer now and sorry if I confused you..


Need Some Help?

Here’s a quick summary of what you can do here:

If in doubt over a test, a report or which direction you should go in, just email me and I will help.

I am not taking on new clinic patients currently as I am spending the next year or so writing new pages, ebooks, self-help guides and lots more lovely things for all of you. There are only so many people I can physically see and tons more enquirers who need help! Please bear with me.

Current patients can still contact and consult with me, of course.

Hope that makes it nice and crystal.

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